Criteria for admitting students to Grade 7

  • Parental choice
  • Overall grading at the Primary School Achievement Certificate
  • Proximity of residence to the secondary school
  • Admission to Grade 7 will be done on a regional basis
  • The four Education Zones will be maintained
  • Academies admit students as from Grade 10
An extended four-year cycle for pupils who do not make the grade
Learners needing special support
  • A special class reserved in every secondary school
  • Reduced class size
  • Extended over a four-year cycle.
  • To allow more time to develop and acquire essential competencies at end of Grade 9
  • Students follow the same but adapted core curriculum as those in the
  • normal three-year cycle
  • Possibility for student mobility between the Extended and Regular stream
  • The Prevocational stream will no longer exist
The National Certificate of Education
A combination of written and School-Based Assessments
Assessment domains
  • 3 compulsory subjects (English, Maths and French) + 4 electives from the following
  • Humanities (Arabic/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Modern Chinese/ Tamil/ Telegu/ Urdu/ etc…)
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • Technical Studies (Home Economics, CDT, Visual Arts, Computer Studies)
  • Social Sciences (Social Studies, Accounts, Economics, Entrepreneurship Education)