Alexandra House School

Alexandra House School is a private English Primary day school in Mauritius for boys and girls between 4½ and 11 years of age and is a member of COBIS, the Council of British International Schools, whose members are ‘beacons for British International Schools of Global Quality’. We cater for only 100 children and provide a British curriculum with a strong international flavour. Pupils come mainly from the expatriate, but also from the local community. They are of many different nationalities, races and creeds but share English as a common language. Staff members are fully qualified native English speakers now permanently resident in Mauritius.

We aim to provide a firm foundation in the fundamental skills necessary to pursue further education and to stimulate growth in all areas of the child’s development. We believe that school should be a happy experience so we provide a loving, supportive environment in which the children are free to explore, to express themselves and to learn many valuable lessons in addition to the purely academic ones. While the children are acquiring the necessary skills, through a carefully structured and balanced curriculum, we encourage a spirit of enquiry and self-reliance and a love of learning in order to stimulate a life-long thirst for knowledge. In this way, we aim to develop children who are independent learners and are confident in their own ability.

For further information regarding our curriculum, admission policy, activities etc., please visit our website under the link given.

Address: King George V Avenue, Floreal

Telephone: 696 4108